Comic-rock band Giniling Festival launched their new album, “A La Hoy,” last July 16 at Saguijo Café in Makati. We caught up with their vocalist and songwriter Jeje Santos to talk about it.

“A La Hoy” is Giniling Festival’s third album, and finished production in November last year. “Bago yung lineup, tapos may bago kaming tina-try na genre or tunog. Electric Mariachi…I hope it catches,” he laughs. The band has a new bassist, Dani Pajarillo, and a new drummer, Franco Malaya (who is also with rock band Pulso). On their former drummer Marco Ho – more popularly known as Bogart the Explorer – Santos jokes: “We kicked him out. Can’t get too big, man.”

The sound of Giniling Festival has really changed with the addition of Pajarillo and Malaya. Santos attributes this to the two being seasoned musicians, which also helped them adjust easily as a band.

There are ten tracks to “A La Hoy,” with an additional one being an unwritten bonus. His favourite track is “Abala”. None of the songwriting has changed – Santos wrote the tracks back in 2012. But their method of recording has become faster. From recording their past albums between two months and three years, “eto, kasama yung pag-areglo, pag-jam, pag-record, we all did everything in three days.”

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