Killswitch Engage is a metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts, USA. Their sound mixes crushing riffs, double bass drum patterns, furious screaming-growling vocals and a dash of melodic elements. Their music is heavily influenced by the hardcore music scene. A key feature of the band’s sound is the use of complex palm muting, single-note and power chord riffs featuring dual-guitar harmonies, often punctuated with pinch harmonic squeals.

Artist : Killswitch Engage
Album : Incarnate
Genre : Metalcore
Format : Mp3
Year : 2016
CBR : 320 Kbps
Size : I23 Mb


01 Alone I Stand.mp3
02 Hate By Design.mp3
03 Cut Me Loose.mp3
04 Strength Of The Mind.mp3
05 Just Let Go.mp3
06 Embrace The Journey… Upraised.mp3
07 Quiet Distress.mp3
08 Until The Days.mp3
09 It Falls On Me.mp3
10 The Great Deceit.mp3
11 We Carry On.mp3
12 Ascension.mp3
13 Reignite.mp3
14 Triumph Through Tragedy.mp3
15 Loyalty.mp3




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