In the hazy days between the end of rock & roll’s first great era and the British Invasion, the beat never really stopped, it just went underground. While the charts were loaded with pretty-faced micro-talents, the locals still danced to the throbbing beat of a thousand local combos, plying their trade and usually hopping on the twist craze bandwagon of the early 1960s. One such outfit was Milwaukee’s Bonnevilles, a high-voltage combo that mined a largely instrumental turf with guest vocalists thrown in for good measure.

The Bonnevilles/Skunks were simply one of many bands who toiled in the trenches, making music for the everyday Joe and Josephine. That they were smart/good/lucky enough to make records to let us be aware of their presence is their collective footprint in the snow in this blizzard we call the history of rock & roll.

Artist : The Bonnevilles
Album : Arrow Pierce My Heart
Genre : Blues Rock
Format : Mp3
Year : 2016
CBR : 320 Kbps
Size : 101 MB

1. No Law in Lurgan
2. My Dark Heart
3. Whiskey Lingers
4. Electric Company
5. Arrow Pierce My Heart
6. Eggs and Bread
7. I Dreamt of the Dead
8. I’ve Come Too Far for Love to Die
9. Erotica Laguna Lurgana
10. Man with the X Shaped Scar on His Cheek
11. Those Little Lies
12. Learning to Cope
13. Who Do I Have to Kill to Get Out of Here?




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